Master Grooms


Master Gary Grooms - Instructor of Master Reid

I began my study of Shaolin Kung Fu in 1988 at the Chinese Shaolin Center Norcross location. Since that time my instructor, Master Gary Grooms, has set an exemplary example of what it is to be a dedicated student of martial arts.

Master Grooms has trained consistently, day in and day out, for many, many years. He has found a way to train instead of excuse why he could not. He has been in shape, he has kept current a huge body of Shaolin material, some of which is very rare in the world today, and becuase of this he is one of the few people, who I know personally in the martial arts world, that have maximized the tools that God has given hin concerning martial arts.

Master Gary, thank you for your example and hard work over the years. I am appreciative that you took the time to open a martial arts school. I am appreciative that you have been my primary teacher and I want you to know that I thank you for all of the time and effort that you have invested in personally over the years.

Without your patience and influence I would not be where I am today.

Sincerely & with great appreciation.

Michael Reid

Student of Martial Arts - June 2003

Master Grooms Highlights:

  • Began teaching Shaolin Tao in 1985.
  • Opened the Chinese Shaolin Center of Atlanta in 1986.
  • Georgia Tech club program opens under his guidance.
  • In 1992 Master Groom takes 1st trip to China & Indonesia and gets the opportunity to push hands with Grandmaster Sin The's collegues.
  • Michael Reid opens the CSC-Marietta 1993 under his guidance.
  • Master Grooms creates the Internal Arts program as it is taught in Atlanta.
  • Georgia Tech club program reopens under his guidance.
  • University of Georgia club program opens his guidance & Master Reid.
  • 1996 Master Grooms is promoted to 6th Degree Shaolin Master.
  • Vince Vickers opens the Club Rome program under his guidance & Master Reid.
  • 1998 Master Grooms leads Atlanta students on a trip to China.
  • 2001 Master Grooms organizes and leads the largest Shaolin Tao trip to China as of that date.
  • 2002 Sifu John Judd opens the CSC-Roswell under his guidance.
  • 2002 Master Grooms organizes and leads a trip to china.
  • 2004 Sifu Chris Gonzalez & Sifu Ann Gilchrist open the CSC-Intown under his guidance.
  • 2005 Sifu David Thomspon opens the CSC-Athens under his guidance & Master Reid.

Master Gary Grooms - 2003

Eagle Pa Kua

Example of Physical Conditioning

Master Gary Grooms - 2002

Sea Dragon Cane

Master Gary Grooms - 2001

We honored Master Grooms with a demonstration of all of the material that had been taught in Atlanta by Master Grooms prior to May 2001.

Master Gary Grooms - 1997

I Chin Ching Demonstration

Double Broadswords

Master Grooms - 1996

Master Grooms was promoted by his instructor, Shaolin Tao Grandmaster Sin Kwang The' to 6th Degree & full Shaolin Master.

Master Grooms - 1995

Master Grooms with the Chief Insturctors of Norcross & Marietta.

Sifu Michael Reid, Master Gary Grooms & Sifu Rey Cerezo

Master Grooms & Sifu Reid play broadsword vs Bo

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